Behind the Light

Behind the Light

The Method Behind the Magic

Creating this interactive night walk experience was a journey in itself, putting together a group of the most talented people in their industries from across the country. The amazing result is the work of an incredible team composed of; Limbic Media from Victoria BC, world leaders in interactive art and light technology, Edesia Moreno Barata - Concept Designer & Artistic Director, most notably recognized for her work with Cirque du Soleil, Marie Metaphor Specht - Poet and Spoken Word Artist, Jeff Monague - Ojibwe language professor and writer, Grey Cloud/James Carpenter - Anishinaabek healer and our advisor for this project, and the talented group at Blue Mountain. Together, they have brought to life the spirit of the forest.

  • The Flame

    Go behind the light as we give you an inside glimpse into the making of AGORA: Path of Light. Creatives from across Canada unite on this special project rooted in the five elements of nature and brought to life through storytelling.


  • The Spark

    Agora is a magical space inspired by the cycles of life in nature.


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